SHOCKING METHOD: Piano For All Review – Perform From Day 1

As you begin your journey into learning the piano or keyboard online, it’s easy to get lost in the multitude of online courses available out there. One of the prominent examples would be Piano For All, a course that usually retails for $79 – a fraction of a similar number of piano lessons. To sweeten the deal, a sale is now going on with the course priced at just $39 here. So, is this course too good to be true? Let’s find out in our Piano For All review.

Before we begin, we’ve included a trailer for the course in the video below.


The Piano For All course was developed by pianist Robin Hall, and consists of 10 ebooks, accompanied by audio and video lessons. Each item can be downloaded from their Official Website.

Review Summary

-Ease of Navigation
-Comprehensive Lessons
-Highly empowering – perform from Day 1
-Usable on any device (Mobile friendly too)

-Learning online requires students to be disciplined and self-motivated.
-Video Resolution leaves something to be desired.

The Books
The ebooks in the course have been included in a structured manner to take a prospective learner through various techniques required of a proficient pianist. For a taster, the titles are as follows:

Book 1 – Party Time/Play By Ear – Rhythm Piano
Book 2 – Blues and Rock n Roll
Book 3 – Chord Magic
Book 4 – Advanced Chords Made Easy
Book 5 – Ballad Style
Book 6 – Jazz Piano Made Easy
Book 7 – Advanced Blues and Fake Stride
Book 8 – Taming the Classics
Book 9 – Speed Learning
Book 10 – Bumper Resource Book
Bonus Book – Increase Your Creative Ability 400%

What is more important is the fact that the books refer to relevant video and audio courses by means of clickable links.

When  a training video is mentioned in the book, learners will be able to click the link to navigate to the video. This is a nice touch that allows all resources in the course to be within easy reach for the learner, and certainly enhances the learning experience (as opposed to having to look for the relevant video or audio file every single time).

Piano For All Review
Links between Audio, Video and eBook materials

The books are intended to be approached in order, and have a broad range of subjects to work from.

The Video/Audio courses

There are about 200 video piano lessons and 500 audio demonstrations in this course, which makes for outstanding value for money on paper. One word of note though, is that the videos included in the course may seem a little low-res to some, especially given that this course has been designed to be playable on any device regardless of processing power or available storage space. The audio courses, on the other hand, are crisp and clear, and provide a useful reference for learners to compare their own playing with.

Is it Beginner Friendly?

According to the creator of the course himself, Piano for All has been, as its name suggests, designed to equip a total beginner with enough skills to become an intermediate player.

A highlight of this course is that it focuses on learning how to play instantly recognizable songs, including those by Elton John or Coldplay. It is thus great for the learner who requires morale boosters while picking up skills – you can start showing off to your friends once you’ve learnt the particular song taught in each lesson. Additionally, this would be great for anyone who is looking to eventually start a YouTube channel dedicated to covers of popular songs on the piano.

Imagine playing something like this in a really short amount of time:

Costs (versus traditional lessons)

Piano lessons may usually cost around $40 to $60 per hour. Given the large amount of hours required to learn the piano, this cost may end up in the hundreds or thousands by the time one reaches an intermediate level of proficiency. On the other hand, Piano For All is currently going for a discounted price of just $39 here. In addition, Hall offers direct customer support via his personal email address, and offers a 60 day money back guarantee.


At $39, the entire Piano For All course promises great value for money, costing only as much as a single introductory piano lesson elsewhere – the next viable alternative. The ease of navigation between various media forms certainly adds to the user experience, as does the fact that the course encourages learners to get the hang of popular songs, and build confidence by performing from Day 1. Of course, as with any musical instrument, you would also need to consider the investment in a MIDI keyboard for you to record your playing on a computer, or in an actual piano, whether you’re looking to learn online or offline. Additionally, learning online is something that requires discipline and drive – however, given how Piano For All has been designed with the aspiring performer in mind, and seeks to enable learners to perform as soon as possible, we believe that it is more likely to be successful in teaching learners to learn piano online, or advance their piano skills.

To top it all off, the creator of the course, Robin Hall, invites learners to seek further support via his personal e-mail address, and even offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. He seems very much to be a content creator who stands behind his product, to the point that he is actually willing to act as an online teacher who caters to his students’ needs.

If you’ve already decided to purchase Robin Hall’s course, simply visit the
Piano For All Official Website.

Learning Piano Online

This blog is dedicated to a journey of picking up a new skill of playing the piano, using online resources.

The piano is often known as the king of instruments, and to learn the piano would allow you to pick up many other musical instruments in future with ease.  While some may argue that the only way to learn to play the piano would be to sign up for one-to-one lessons, the internet has allowed for independent learners to attempt picking up this keyboard instrument from home, simply by using resources available online.

Learn piano online

As you take online piano lessons, you only require a device and an internet connection – courses can provide everything else you need, including access to video lessons, structured tutorials and practice methods. Tutorials  demonstrate how to play songs and teach important concepts so you have necessary building blocks to progress. Practice methods have been developed to sharpen your piano-playing skill  and often include exercises and detailed instructions so you practice effectively and avoid picking up bad habits. You practice and play as and when you like and often on your own, so you will no longer feel embarrassed about making mistakes in front of other fellow students.

A number of online piano lessons are beginner-friendly too, offering an introduction to the piano keyboard itself, as well as musical notes.


The above video shows what you may expect when attempting to learn the piano online.

In the following posts, we will be doing a review of a popular online piano course, titled “Piano For All”. Look out for that real soon!